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The journey to every great destiny starts with a vision, a dream. But for those with wanderlust in their heart, the journey is both the destiny and the dream. Travel is what fuels the desire of inner fulfilment, it is what builds intellect and cultivates the mind. We have always believed in this statement and envisioned of a dream to show the world the uncharted virgin landscapes hidden in a world untouched – North East India. And this dream, our vision has materialised in the form of ‘Discover Northeast’! We welcome all ardent souls to come and experience breathtaking beauty and a bag full of adventures we have to offer.


“It is fantastic to go on the sledge to see the views of the mountains! And the action of it – Let the Magic happen!”

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International Roadtrips

Driving across cities is a thing of the past. What your maverick soul now needs is a road trip across countries. Yes, you heard that right! We take you to some of the most exotic road trips from the region to the neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand. learn more


Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is a loose network of national organisations that facilitate placement of volunteers on organic farms. We as a facilitator of the network host organic farmers in the region. The region has tremendous opportunities for organic tea plantation, orange plantation, etc. learn more


Stay with the local tribal families and learn about their traditional practices. From Cherrapunjee to Tawang we provide you with a network of homestays where you can live like a local. learn more

What Customers Say

  • A dream come true for travellers and explorers, for people who love travelling to hills and Himalayas. With a variety of adventure activities and excellent customised itineraries, this is the place to be in.
    Deepika Katwal
    Trekking Enthusiast
  • You have an amazing gallery, will surely keep on viewing.
    Piyush Sinha
    I.T.- Analyst
  • I'm delighted to have been asked by Raj Shekhar to write a short piece for this exciting new website about our fishing adventures and trip to the wonderful Subansiri in the beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh.

  • So, I went to trip with the team Discover North East to Dzukou valley that is situated in Nagaland. It was indeed a wonderful experience visiting the mountains and trekking, away from the noisy lands. And getting accompanied by the team members who were really helpful during the whole journey, all the accommodations were provided as promised. Food and first aid were hand in hand, and I recommend all the fellow mate to call them up and escape to the mountains and discover something new.
    Smita Phukan
    Dental Student
  • It was my first trek and was mind blowing and indeed was a great experience. The scenery was beautiful and lively all throughout the trek. Camp sites were good and food was awesome. And the best part was the team. Would definitely suggest all my friends to trek with Discover Northeast. Thank you Discover Northeast. Keep up the good work.
    Seema Rekha Kalita
  • Trekking, waterfalls and incredible Northeast, what can be more tempting than this ! One hell of a trip it was. A relaxing trip to kill the monotony of life ! Starting from Day 1 till the end everything was perfect, bonfire and jamming made the stay pleasant. And the icing on the cake was 'Rainbow falls' a soothing place no words can describe ! The organising team was great, energetic and full of zeal ! They provided us with all the possible comforts. Thank you Discover Northeast for letting us experience the unseen beauty of nature and definitely looking forward for another thrilling journey with you guys ! Kudos for the great work
    Shriya Das
  • Thank you discover northeast,it was a great time i did spend with you guys. It was my first hill trek and it was amazing. Though the heat and the walk at the bottom of the hill was tough to deal with but we all made it. The group was a set of determined, fun loving people,who all genuinely love nature and trekking. There were no complaints. Only laughter and fun. Happy to join Discover Northeast.
    Avinash Goswami